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Floor Cable Management Systems UAE


Under Floor (in /buried screed) System : This is one of the most commonly used floor cable management system used worldwide, where the trunkings are buried under the screed and only boxes are flushed on to the final finish floor level. Basically, these systems are applicable to both Dry clean and Wet-clean floors

  • Materials & Standards followed: -
  • Pre GI Material used to form the trunking system according to BS 2989 or BS EN 10142: 1991/BS4678
  • Standard thickness will be 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm, available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 compartments depending on the project requirement.
  • Construction of the in-screed trunking will be dual “C” sections back to back with compartments welded on to the base with compartment segregation.
  • Trunkings are joined together with joining couplers and also has saddles to hold on to trunking on to the slab. Each length comes with 1 nos. saddle and 1 no. coupler.
  • Standard length will be either 2.44 meters or 3.0 meters depending upon the project specifications and requirement.
  • Standard sizes for trunking systems are as follows:
    75 x 28 or 38 mm - 1 Compartment
    100 x 28 or 38 mm – 2 Compartments 
    225 x 28 or 38 mm – 3 Compartments 
    250 x 28 or 38 mm – 3 Compartments
    275 x 38 mm – 3 Compartments
    300 x 38 mm – 3 Compartments 
    Higher trunking are also possible depending on the uniqueness of projects
  • The service outlet boxes and junction boxes sizes are dependent on the size of trunking used in the project and following are the most common type / size of boxes used :-
    250 x 250 x 60 – 120 mm Service outlet Box
    250 x 250 x 60 – 120 mm Junction Box 
    300 x 300 x 60 – 120 mm Service Outlet Box
    300 x 300 x 60 – 120 mm Junction Box 
  • Both the service outlet and junction boxes are height adjustable from 60 to 120 mm and special boxes can be also made if the requirement demands. Service and Junction boxes are constructed from Pre-GI material and are available is 2 different sizes as given above
  • The trap & frame of the service outlet and junction boxes are designed for both dry clean and wet clean application depending upon the floor finish. The recess can be either 6 mm or 9 mm and also special boxes with stainless steel cassette is possible to have recess depth up to 15 mm
  • The boxes can have cut out provisions for uPVC ducts of various sizes and also conduits, instead of trunking, if required. The general used conduit sizes are 20 or 25 mm.
  • Accessories such as power socket, date / telephone are mounted on the plates, which can be for any type or model.
  • The system is complete with end caps, Riser bends and other related accessories are also manufactured according the requirement.
  • Applications of Under Floor (In Screed) Type Floor Cable Management Systems
    • Wet Clean - Airports, Bus Terminals, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Schools, Laboratories, and Universities etc.
    • Dry Clean – Commercial establishments, Offices and other carpet floored areas.


Raised or Cavity Floor Trunking system is considered to be the most flexible and versatile system available in the market. The trunkings are laid on the slab level under the cavity or raised floor tiles and service outlets flushed on the raised floor tile. It gives flexibility of changing the service outlet locations in any plane, whereby making it easier for the re-designer for modification, based on office or commercial spaces. Generally the option is limited for dry-clean option and carpeted floors.

Material finishes and standards

  • Trunkings can be the following sizes and specifications:
  • Pre- GI to BS EN10142
    Hot Dipped Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
    Epoxy or Power Coated 

  • Thickness of the material will be 1.0 mm, 1.2 or 1.5 mm depending on the size of the trunking.
  • Generally used sizes for trunking are as follows:
  • 100 x 40 mm – 2 Compartments
    225 x 40 / 50 – 3 Compartments 
    300 x 40/50/ 70 - 3 Compartments
    450 x 40 / 50/ 70 – 3 Compartments
    Or any other size required. Trunking depths up to 100 mm is also possible.

  • The trunkings generally comes in lengths of 3.0 or 2.44 meters with single base and either two or three equal covers depending on the project requirements
  • The covers will have cutout provision for 20 or 25 mm conduit in all three compartments in intervals of 1000 mm or 800 mm depending on the number of covers. The cutouts for conduits can also be there on the trunking side, when there is only 2 compartment systems are used.
  • The boxes are available either in sizes of 250 x 250 x 75/85 mm square type of 300 x 200 x 75/85 mm Rectangular type, in 1, 2, 3 or 4 compartments.
  • The junction boxes are on the slab level and have cross over depending on the number of compartments.
  • The recess for carpet on both the above sizes of boxes will be 6 mm, with flange type of trap and frame.
  • Mounting plates for various types of accessories can be offered.
  • Accessories such as vertical risers, couplers end caps are in the product range to complete the system.


Apart from the above two modalities of floor cable management system, there is a third type called as the Flush Floor trunking, which again is an option available for dry clean floors. In this type of system, trunking as well as the service outlets and junctions are all on the final finished floor level. 
The design here offers partial flexibility over the in-screed type and allows the service outlet boxes to be moved and shifted in one plane. 
Material finishes & standards

  • Trunkings can be the following sizes and specifications:
  • Pre- GI to BS EN10142
  • Flush floor trunking has three components, the base, dividers and the cover. Base thickness standard is 1.5 / 1.6 mm, the dividers in 1.5 mm and covers in 2.5 or 3.0 mm, depending on the project requirement. The base thickness in special cases can be also 2.0 mm
  • There are two types of covers, one blank cover and then the covers with cutout for trap and frame for the service outlet.
  • Standard length for Flush floor is 2.44 meters and covers will be either 3 or 6 nos. depending on the project specifications. If it is three, each will be 806 mm in length and if it is six, then at 403 mm.
  • The service outlet will have a mounting tray carrying the mounting plates for accessories and the trap & frame in sizes 250 x 250 or 300 x 200 mm depending upon the trunking width.
  • The standard trunking sizes are 300 x 60 or 65 mm, 350 x 60/65 mm, 450 x 60/65. The depths can vary from 60mm to 85mm depending on the project specification.
  • Junction boxes will be standard for T, L and cross and will have built in cross over for routing the cables.
  • Accessories such as reducers, vertical risers, end caps, trunking support brackets etc. complete the flush floor type of floor cable management.